Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Facebook SIM card launched

We can hardly go on a day without logging on to Facebook or even speaking the word, ‘Facebook,’ in our day to day conversation, that proves how powerful Facebook has become to our lives. To add even more power and uh, addiction, Gemalto, a Dutch digital security company has announced the creation of Facebook SIM card at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Do you still hang out with your old traditional non-Android, non-Apple and non-blackberry phone but somehow got fascinated towards social networking giant Facebook and want to carry your Facebook world wherever you go ? Then the SIM card developed by Gemalto night be helpful for you.Though, the SIM-based client isn’t as pretty as its smartphone contemporaries – don’t expect picture streams or sliding interfaces – but it was developed with the help of Facebook, and provides text-menu-based interaction with Facebook – including status updates, pokes and friend requests.The SIM card will enable even the most bare-boned handset to have Facebook functionality, albeit text based for the leaner devices known as feature phones. This will help the social network approach its goal of becoming the standard social service for all mobile phones.