Thursday, June 21, 2012

Remove Ads from Android Apps

Free Android Apps are generally screen spammed with advertisements which many users find it annoying. Almost 80% of the free app market are filled with bunchload of annoying ads. There is a simple method to Block and remove ads from Android apps. The only requirement for this tutorial is a rooted Android device. This method doesn’t work with non-rooted devices.

  • AdAway is a tailor-fit app to block ads from Android Apps. 
  • You can Download and Install AdAway here 
  • After having the above app installed, Open it. If you are running it for the first time.
  •  It prompts to download some external files and enable ad blocking, Click OK It automatically downloads the required files and tweaks your Android Device to block the ads. 
  • After the download process is completed, Restart your Android Device and have fun with Ad-Free App.