Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smart Stay on Any Android Phone with ICS [App]

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched around a month ago has taken the world by storm because of some innovative ideas,great design and staggering hardware capabilities. One of the most innovative features is the Smart Stay which turns off your phone display automatically. This is done using the front facing camera which which recognizes if you're looking at the screen or not.Comes quite handy when you're using internet or reading e-books or anything of that sort.Unlike S-Voice which has already been ported to other devices, Smart Stay hasn't,as of yet.

But now there's a new app available named "ISeeYou" but u need a front facing camera and Ice Cream Sandwich to use this application. It comes in two versions, lite and pro. The lite version is free while pro is quite cheap.

Get the Lite Version here and the Pro Version here